Uniting Communities has made the decision after 13 years of commitment to step out of its direct advocacy work on behalf of the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) communities.
The Anangu Lands Paper Tracker Project of Uniting Communities was set up in 2007 to track government commitments, policies and programs impacting Anangu communities in the APY and related lands.

It has formed a central part of Uniting Communities’ advocacy work over this period and demonstrated our commitment to holding Governments accountable for improving opportunities and wellbeing of Anangu communities. Its impact has been multifaceted and included a key role in the campaign for dialysis with NPY Women’s Council and the Purple house which led to the opening of the Kinyin McKenzie Dialysis Centre on Pukatja in 2019.

In bringing this chapter of our advocacy work to a close we acknowledge and thank all of those who have played their part in Paper Tracker over the past 13 years. It has enjoyed a rich and varied history of engaging with Anangu communities and disseminating information through a variety of mediums including radio shows and social media outlets.

In particular we would like to thank the staff involved, including Susan Tilley who has managed the project for the past six years together, along with all of those who have supported Paper Tracker over its years of operation.

Uniting Communities’ investment in Paper Tracker has been the largest commitment of resource we have made on any single advocacy project in our organisation’s history. We believe that has made a significant contribution to reconciliation and, more specifically, to promoting more accountable public policy for Anangu communities on the APY lands.

We assure you that this decision has not been made lightly and we will continue to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through our other services around the state. Much of this service work is done by Aboriginal Community Connect in Adelaide, the Riverland and Mt Gambier. These services includes supporting people, including Anangu, visiting Adelaide from remote communities in SA.

Uniting Communities will remain responsive to the range of community social issues raised by our clients and staff.

Peter McDonald
Executive Manager, Advocacy Unit