Uniting Communities, formerly UnitingCare Wesley Adelaide and the Adelaide Central Mission, has served South Australia since 1901. It was established at Maughan Church, 43 Franklin Street, by the Methodist Conference (now the Uniting Church Synod).

In 1977, with the union of the Methodist, Congregation and Presbyterian churches to form the Uniting Church in Australia, the Central Methodist Mission changed its name to the Adelaide Central Mission. In 2003, Adelaide Central Mission joined a Partnership in Mission along with Port Adelaide Central Mission, UnitingCare Port Pirie Central Mission and Wesley Uniting Mission and became UnitingCare Wesley Adelaide.

In 2011, UnitingCare Wesley Adelaide joined together with UnitingCare Adelaide East to increase collaboration and continue to offer high quality services throughout South Australia.

In 2012, the new name of Uniting Communities was launched due to our renewed commitment to working alongside South Australian Communities in achieving their own aspirations.

Uniting Communities uses three key strategies to build compassionate communities and great lives: community engagement; quality service delivery; and advocacy.

Access the Maughan Church digital archive here.