At Uniting Communities we take the privacy of your personal information seriously, and promote openness regarding how we handle this information.

As such, all records and information management, including the collection of personal information, is undertaken by Uniting Communities following the guidelines set by the thirteen Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). The complete set of the Privacy Act and the APPs (and what people and organisations have to do to comply with them – the rules) can be found at

In providing services, Uniting Communities may need to collect personal and sensitive information from you so that we can provide you with the best option to support your needs.

When we collect your personal and sensitive information you have a right to:

  • know why personal information is being collected, how it will be used and who will be provided to
  • discuss the option of not identifying you in certain circumstances
  • ask for access to your personal information (including health information)
  • stop receiving unwanted direct marketing from us
  • ask for your personal information that is incorrect to be corrected
  • make a complaint if it is considered that your personal information has been mishandled.

Uniting Communities supports and complies with the Information sharing guidelines for promoting safety and wellbeing (ISG) when there is a need to provide information to prevent an immediate and serious threat to personal safety.

If you’d like to know more about how we handle your personal and sensitive information, please view our guide which explains this in more detail.

To understand the approach we take to respect your privacy, our Privacy Policy (276kb) is also available.