We want to talk about loneliness and we want to take steps to overcome it as a society.

More and more, loneliness is becoming a significant problem in our community – and people’s mental and physical health are suffering as a result.

Uniting Communities has committed to action to help South Australians to overcome loneliness. We have undertaken two surveys of the South Australian community – one pre-COVID-19 in early March 2020, and the second in late April 2020 – to gain insights into people’s feelings of and about loneliness. The second survey has offered an important chance to look more closely at how feelings of loneliness may have altered with the significant social changes our community has experienced in recent months.

Here, we present our first report and findings from the two surveys. You can also read our media release. In September 2020, we released our second report and a third report will be available in November.

We will continue to conduct this research over the coming years, while also working to find ways to use these insights to determine how we, as an organisation and collectively as a community, can work together to combat loneliness.

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