We can support young people and their families to to improve relationships or resolve conflict at home, through counselling and short-term stays in supported accommodation.


Youth and family counselling

Young people can be vulnerable to homelessness if there is ongoing conflict at home. Counselling can be an effective way to prevent this and improve wellbeing by supporting family members to reconnect.

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Family and relationship counselling

It can take effort to develop safe and respectful relationships. We can support you with confidential individual and group counselling if you would like to improve relationships in your life. We can also provide family law counselling services.

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LGBTIQA+ youth and family counselling – Our Place

If you are a young person or a loved one of someone who is intersex, questioning their sexuality or gender, or who identifies as LGBTIQA+, Our Place is your place.

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Reconnecting families – Reconnect (Salisbury)

Reconnect (Salisbury) supports young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in the Salisbury area. Our focus is on intervening early to reunify families through counselling, and connect young people with education, training, work and their wider community.

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Reconnecting families – Ruby’s Reunification Program

Our Ruby’s Reunification Program helps to resolve conflict and improve relationships between a young person and their parents or caregivers.

The program involves family counselling, and the young person will spend some nights at our supervised Ruby’s accommodation, as well as at home.

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